Labor of love

zyyxI’m happy to say the past year has been very interesting and busy! After being hired at Magicfirm Europe to work with product development with their ZYYX brand of 3D-printers, more interest in the services I provide has continued to pour in.





cellink2Notable clients now include the start-up marvel of Cellink, possibly the coolest tech start-up in Sweden this year. In short, they have developed a 3D-printer and ink which can print human tissue! And this at a price point previously unheard of. Their work is giving universities and smaller companies the means to do ground breaking work without cutting corners.




myidollsSecondly, and very exciting for someone who strives to do important social change; myIDolls, a very exciting start-up who are pioneering and breaking the limits in the toy-industry. myIDolls aim to disrupt the gendered, eurocentric and heteronormative world of dolls by providing toys that any child can relate to, no matter ethnicity, body size, religion, disabilities or gender. This is exciting and important in a world that currently push children into stereotypical roles before they even knew they had a choice.



Check out all these amazing companies, which both will change the world to the better!